Announcements: Week of November 7

Tea Time is this afternoon at 5:00 p.m.  Please check the Church’s calendar for the Zoom link.  We look forward to seeing you, ladies. 

November is National Family Caregivers Month.  Poplar Springs CC2C AARP would like to Thank You for all you do and have done, especially during the Pandemic. You are all heroes! 

Poplar Springs Volunteers for Habitat for Humanity – we are in need of volunteers to help with the Fall Build project at Maybrook Crossing for Habitat for Humanity.  Poplar Springs has been a partner with Habitat for Humanity for many years and are excited to be able to physically participate this year. We have adopted the 2nd Saturday of every month from November 2021 – May 2022.  Please register via this link:  If you have any questions, please send them to  

Minister Deloris A. Anderson would like to announce she has published a book. The title of the book is “Poetry Through The Eyes Of A Black Woman.” You can purchase the book at Amazon. If you would like further information, you can email her at 

Please notify the church office if you have any changes/updates to your contact information.  Thank you! 

 Poplar Springs Logo Masks Available – As a small token of our appreciation for all your support throughout this pandemic, we are providing a PSCC logo mask to all our disciples.  One will be provided at no cost to you, and if you want to order additional, they are available for cost. Call the church office for more details and to place your order. The color choices are navy or black (white logo); sky blue or gray (full color logo). 

 Please contact the Media Ministry at 919-961-7614 if there are problems with the broadcast so they can work to correct them as soon as possible. 

Please refer to the church calendar at for the week’s activities. 


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  • Anthony Ashley 
  • Patricia Baker 
  • Rose Baker 
  • Larcina Blackmon 
  • Katherine Branch 
  • Paul Branch, Sr. 
  • Phyllis Burrell 
  • Betty Burt 
  • Sierra Bye  
  • Debra Chavis 
  • Irene Cooper 
  • Tonie Gordon 
  • Mary Green, Pruitt 
  • Vennie Almeta Hall 
  • Ann Holiday 
  • Geraldine Horton 
  • Ronald Jenkins 
  • Alice Jones 
  • Nicole Jones 
  • Vernita Partin Melvin 
  • Leon Partin 
  • Rosa Partin 
  • Ella Smith 
  • Shirley Smith 
  • Tony Snellings 
  • Marilyn Walker 
  • Rev. Alice Watson 
  • Theresa Watson 
  • Graham Watt 
  • Lane Whitaker  
  • Rachel Wiggins 
  • Alyce Williams 


  • William Alston (Robert Braswell’s friend) 
  • Charles Bell (Katherine Branch’s brother) 
  • Eric Berg (Wendy Carrington’s grandson) 
  • Sandra Brooks (Claudine Moseley’s cousin) 
  • Barbara Bullock (Brenda Alston’s aunt) 
  • Edward Byrd (Naikia Atkinson’s father) 
  • Fred Chavis (Anthony Chavis’s father) 
  • Shamar Cherry (Della Watson’s grandson) 
  • John Combo (Alvin Sapp’s friend) 
  • Robert Currie (Marilyn Sanders’ neighbor) 
  • Antoinette Avery Ellerbe (Mary Morgan’s sister) 
  • LeVone Ford (Jill Cook’s uncle) 
  • Lossie Hackett (Ozzie Hackett’s wife) 
  • Krystal Hayes (Valerie Brinkley-Warner’s niece)  
  • Sam Jacobs (Anthony Chavis’s co-worker) 
  • T’vette Jefferson (Pat McCutcheon’s friend)  
  • Lorene Jones (Pamela C. Williams’ aunt) 
  • Roger King (Marilyn Sanders’ friend) 
  • Dario Lassiter (Ella Mebane’s nephew) 
  • Warren Lassiter (Mildred Keith’s friend) 
  • Andradese Hill Mack (Patrice Rogers’ friend) 
  • Rashad McNeil (Pat McCutcheon’s cousin) 
  • Barbara Morgan (Patsy Morgan’s mother-in-law) 
  • Andre Overby (Marilyn Sanders’ friend) 
  • Lawrence Partin (Andrew Partin’s brother) 
  • Dorothy Powell (Cathy Harris’s friend) 
  • Dora Robinson (Mildred Keith’s aunt) 
  • Doris Rogers (Patrice Bakers’ aunt) 
  • Kim Saunders (Della Watson’s cousin) 
  • Linda Smith (Chris Smith’s wife) 
  • Howard Wayne Staggs (Howard Cook’s friend) 
  • Wilma Stewart (Brenda Alston’s aunt) 
  • Constance VanDyke (Mildred Keith’s friend) 
  • Earl VanDyke (Mildred Keith’s friend) 
  • Mary Wells (Dorothy Grays’ friend) 
  • Dallie Williams (Barbara Johnson’s sister) 
  • Joyce Williams (Pamela C. Williams’ mother-in-law) 
  • Ramona Wright (Marie Taylor’s niece)