Announcements: Week of January 8

Pastor Brooks will be sharing greetings and the purpose at the Connecting Couples Marriage Ministry virtual meeting on Tuesday, January 17, at 7 pm. We are asking ALL couples to join Ken $ Vernita Griffith in this first meeting of the year, where the focus will be on discovering the wants and needs of the couples. The ministry is a connection for successful couples (who need inspiration), couples who desire marriage maintenance, and couples who want to have fun and fellowship. Please attend if only one spouse is available. We want to hear from you and serve you appropriately. Check the church calendar for meeting login information.

The New Generation Choir will rehearse on January 14 and 28 at 2:00 pm. 

WE’RE BACK! The Annie B. Davis Fellowship Ministry will resume Wednesday, January 18, 10:30 am – 1:00 pm.  Please call the Church if you need transportation.

We care for you and would like to help you with the tools to maneuver through the maze of grief from denial to acceptance. The first grief support group (Pathway) will start Thursday, January 26 at 6:30 p.m. via Zoom. Please register by contacting Senitra Pryor (Poplar Springs Counseling Ministry) at 919-696-0998.  This program is sponsored by the Counseling, Caregivers, First Aide, and Health Ministries.

Please donate portable heaters for families in need. The Abraham Sunday School class needs your help with donations of portable heaters to help families in need for the upcoming winter months.  Distribution will be first to those in our church family, then to those in the community. Contact Trustee Kevin Ragland at (919) 449-6444 or call the church office if you have questions or if you need a heater.

Habitat for Humanity Fall Build:  We are in need of volunteers (ages 16+) to help build homes at Old Poole Place.  The kickoff is on January 28, and we need about five (5) volunteers that day.  I also challenge Poplar Springs ministries, sororities, fraternities, and other community groups to sign up and volunteer for two additional days!  We would like Poplar Springs to help on March 25th and  April 15th with at least ten volunteers.  All volunteers must register through your coalition hub link:  For more information, contact the Church Administrator at

The Media/Sound Ministry is in need of dedicated and passionate new members. If you feel compassion to be part of this ministry, please reach out to 919-961-7614 or call the church office at 919-772-5151.

The Media Ministry will hold audio training for volunteers who would like to dedicate their time, talent, and passion to this ministry each Thursday in January 2023 6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.  There will be training for media/cameras at a later time.  All interested volunteers or anyone who would like more information should call 919-961-7614 or the church secretary to sign up. 

Please notify the church office if you have any changes/updates to your contact information. Thank you!

Please contact the Media Ministry at 919-961-7614 if there are problems with the broadcast so they can work to correct them as soon as possible.

Please refer to the church calendar at for the week’s activities.

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  • Rose Baker 
  • Mae Banks
  • Larcina Blackmon 
  • Phyllis Burrell 
  • Betty Burt 
  • Debra Chavis 
  • Michelle Collins 
  • Irene Cooper 
  • Pat Chrisp
  • Gail Daughtry
  • Tonie Gordon 
  • Vennie Almeta Hall 
  • Troy Hamlin
  • Geraldine Horton
  • Ronald Jenkins 
  • Alice Jones 
  • Nicole Jones 
  • Vernita Partin Melvin 
  • Arnel Morgan 
  • Leon Partin 
  • Rosa Partin 
  • Ella Smith, The Laurels at Forest Glenn
  • Shirley Smith 
  • Tony Snellings 
  • Cynthia Speight
  • Rev. Alice Watson 
  • Theresa Watson
  • Graham Watt 
  • Rachel Wiggins 
  • Frankie Williams
  • Martha Williams


  • Howard Beale (Emilie Holloway’s brother) 
  • Charles Bell (Katherine Branch’s brother) 
  • Eric Berg (Wendy Carrington’s grandson) 
  • Bernis Booker (Retta Spencer’s brother-in-law) 
  • Sandra Brooks Claudine Moseley’s cousin) 
  • Bertha Brunson (Retta Spencer’s mother) 
  • Barbara Bullock (Brenda Alston’s aunt)
  • Mary Lou Burrell (Thelia Burrell’s mother-in-law)
  • Charmayne Butler (Florence Evans’ friend) 
  • Edward Byrd (Naikia Atkinson’s father) 
  • Shamar Cherry (Della Watson’s grandson) 
  • Tim Coit (Lisa Bryant’s brother)
  • John Combo (Alvin Sapp’s friend) 
  • Samuel Cook (Howard Cook’s nephew) 
  • Alicia Daughtry (Rene Daughtry’s sister) 
  • McKinley Daughtry (Rene Daughtry’s brother) 
  • Romanel Daughtry (Rene Daughtry’s brother) 
  • Antoinette Avery Ellerbe (Mary Morgan’s sister) 
  • Gladys Feely-Robinson (Don Feely’s cousin)
  • LeVone Ford (Jill Cook’s uncle) 
  • Ahmand Fowler (Pearline Fowler’s grandson) 
  • Chris Gallo (Lisa Davis’s friend)
  • Priscilla King (Velma King’s mother)
  • Warren Lassiter (Mildred Keith’s friend) 
  • Andradese Hill Mack (Patrice Rogers’ friend) 
  • Barbara Morgan (Patsy Morgan’s mother-in-law) 
  • Andre Overby (Marilyn Sander’s friend)
  • Karen Reed (Jill Cook’s sister) 
  • Calvin Rowley (Sherry Smith’s cousin) 
  • Linda Smith (Chris Smith’s wife) 
  • Wilma Stewart (Brenda Alston’s aunt) 
  • Joseph Thomas (Sandra White’s brother-in-law) 
  • Linda Thomas (Sandra White’s sister) 
  • Constance VanDyke (Mildred Keith’s friend) 
  • Earl VanDyke (Mildred Keith’s friend) 
  • Mary Wells (Dorothy Grays’ friend) 
  • Dallie Williams (Barbara Johnson’s sister) 
  • Raphael Wortham (Claudine Mosely’s nephew) 
  • Ramona Wright (Marie Taylor’s niece)